Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fort Sebastian on the Island of Mozambique

There we were, on a picture-perfect day standing at the foot of the awe-inspiring structure made entirely of coral harvested centuries ago from the reefs surrounding us--the great Fort Sebastian. The Fort was built in the 16th century by Portuguese soldiers on the Island of Mozambique. The Fort had an interesting evolution over the past four centuries: it was the Portuguese capital of Mozambique, an important refuge as a missionary center, a military barracks for the post-colonial government, and a high school. Now, it has taken on the role as a UNESCO World Heritage site!

Although the fort suffers from decades of decay, UNESCO has made great strides in refurbishing the interior to help the Fort withstand the visitor traffic it will receive from being listed as a World Heritage site. UNESCO took great pains to ensure the structure maintained its architectural integrity and remained a monument to the soldiers stationed there throughout its many years.

The dazzling turquoise waters surrounding the fort in the Mozambique Channel easily capture the heart. Fort Sebastian is a place that will forever be fondly imprinted upon my memory.

--from Darren