Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lumpo- Grassroots Development. Part 2!

The economic development program was also interesting. They are developing sewing and textile businesses, fishing and boat building enterprises and an egg production facility. These are not "new" to the village but they are training a broader base of craftsmen in the various trades to create jobs and produce products that can be sold for the individual and the village. What is most fascinating about this program is the reliance on local craftsman and the minimum amount of new technology. For example, to power the fishing boat being built, a used truck engine was modified for marine use instead of purchasing a new more complicated marine engine. The fisherman already knew how to service the truck engine.

The community leadership development program involves all levels of existing local leadership, traditional tribal/clan leaders, young, old, men, and women. They are learning to arrive at consensus, take notes at meetings and be held accountable for decisions and action plans. The leadership and future community programs will grow organically from the village customs and traditions.

The UNDP program is not trying to westernize this village. It is to help the people develop the services and programs that will enhance and make better the life of the village based on the their values, customs and traditions.


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